Message to Parents & Guardians

Hello Parents and Guardians,

My name is Morgan Durham and I am so excited that I will be working in your child's English classroom. Mrs. Wooten is kind enough to have invited me into her room. I will be there the rest of the year to fulfill my student-teaching internship that is required for my teaching certification through the University of North Alabama. I am working towards my certification to teach secondary English Language Arts (ELA) and am scheduled to graduate in May. I have a history of substitute teaching, and I have even subbed some of the kids I will be working with this semester! I am ecstatic to start this journey of knowledge acquisition with your young one. I am passionate about the ELA content area, but my teaching philosophy primarily focuses of classroom community and relationships. I cannot wait to get to know your child and I look forward to us learning from one another.

My role in Mrs. Wooten's classroom will be immersive. It is still very much Mrs. Wooten's classroom and space. We will be working together to slowly integrate me into a facilitating role. I will be building lesson plans and activities, assisting students where I can, and gradually increasing my responsibilities as time goes on. The change should be slow and subtle in an effort to transition students as seamlessly as possible. I have built this website to open lines of communication, not only to students, but with you as well. My extended bio, past work, and other information can be found throughout the site. I plan on updating the site via blogs as we move through the semester. Students will be encouraged (not required) to offer feedback on how I am doing. I love receiving student feedback! There is no better way to know how you are doing as a teacher than to ask the students directly.

Please, feel free to look around the website, read and comment on the blogs, and explore the updates as we move through the rest of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to reach out and get to know me better, please feel free to contact me! I am elated to be in your child's classroom and I cannot wait for us to learn together.


Morgan Durham