Lesson/Unit Plans

Teacher Work

Here are some past lesson plans, unit plans, and slideshows I have created so far in my teaching journey. I will be updating this page as my portfolio of work grows.

Idioms, Hyperboles, and Malaphors OH MY!

This lesson is an introduction to figurative language. In this lesson, we focus on idioms, hyperboles, and malaphor. The lesson includes a Pear Deck bell ringer that introduces our topic in a fun and light-hearted way. The lesson includes an overview, videos, time set aside for discourse, and two fun activities.

Idioms, Hyberboles, and Malaphors

Literary Devices

This is a short introductory lesson of literary devices. We cover metaphors, hyperbole, and simile. The lesson includes an overview of concepts, videos for additional engagement, and important content reminders for notes.

Literary Devices

Test Taking Skills

This lesson was developed to assist students with their test taking skills prior to their benchmark testing. The lesson goes over helpful tips and tricks, has an activity (handout/pop quiz), and offers soft encouragement.

FMS test taking

Poe, Perspective, and Point of View

This lesson focuses on reviewing the Edgar Allan Poe literature that has been covered so far and prioritizes understanding perspective and point of view. The lesson includes an engaging game, writing opportunities, and peer review.

Poe, perspectives, and point of view