Diversity Peer Educator

Trained Diversity Peer Educator

I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve UNA as a Diversity Peer Educator from Fall 2018 until Fall 2019. This was a paid position that included extensive training and constant improvement. Diversity Peer Educators are students who have been recruited for the position based on their passion for diversity, culture, and inclusion. Our purpose was to deliver an impactful and meaningful presentation called: Diversity 101: More Than Black and White.

Diversity 101: More Than Black and White

This is an interactive presentation for students. It is designed to fit into a 50-minute class, so it’s great for FYE classes, student organizations and other student groups. This presentation is an introduction to the topic of diversity and covers UNA’s definition of diversity, the various dimensions of diversity, stereotypes, cultural appropriation and appreciation, and inclusive communication. All while using current events to reinforce understanding.

A Special Audience

Each presentation I gave was unique in it's own way. Each audience had unique feedback, quality discourse during the session's activities, and truly sought to listen for understanding. Our audiences were mostly different groupings of students: Greek life, clubs and organizations, classes, and FYE classes(First Year Experience).

However, my last presentation I gave was for a unique audience. UNA President, Ken Kitts; Vice President and Provost, Ross Alexander; and Chief Enrollment Officer and Assistant to the President for Diversity, Ron Patterson were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to give us their full attention.

These gentlemen were kind, accommodating, and engaged with our presentation. They truly listened to our message and made it a point to thank us for our efforts. I have had such incredible support at UNA and I am constantly and overwhelmingly grateful.